"Persuasion is most important subject for the student of sales & this mastering persuasion workshop is best for all sales people."
-K.K Sharma, Regional Sales Manager, Needle Industries (India) Pvt Ltd.

"Mr. Vibhor, Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. The program contents are really valuable. They are well researched and relevant too. It's an opportunity to be a participant of your program. Wish you all the success !!"
-Irfan Ali, Vijaynath Interiors & Exteriors Pvt. Ltd.

"Course very informative. Trainer very enthusiastic and want to keenly share his years of learning and experience. Learning was quite interesting."
-Rajesh Ahuja, Managing Director, Sleek International P. Ltd.

"The overall program content was very good and something very different from conventional training programs."
-Sanjay Dedhia, Executive Director, Mitsu Chem P. Ltd.

" It's opening to new thoughts. Learned various techniques. Trainer has really great knowledge of subject , wishing all the best to him."
-Milind D Patil, Director, Denfab

"Very informative Workshop. had good time."
-Naresh Vashisth, Cambridge University Press

"This Training is very useful for me. Its help me to increase sales. I have learnt so many selling techniques. I will apply all the techniques in my daily life. I will attend more trainings in the future. Thanks"
-Sunil Kumar, Phoenix Mecano India Pvt Ltd.

"It was a good session, learnt some more effective techniques to built rapport with clients & close the deal."
-Rakhi Beriwal, Omaxe Ltd.

"Persuasion is not only for sales or business, it’s for any kind of communication with anybody. The name of workshop should be Mastering Persuasion in Communication Skills."
-Pankaj Gaur, Sr. Manager, Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.

"I rate overall training program is excellent."
-Pritam Tikaeet, Force Motor Ltd, Pune

"The training met my expectations. I will be able to apply the knowledge learned."
-Sutanu Nandi, Dy.Manager – Sales, Timex Group India Ltd.

"Very Informative, Self Development, need these kind of Persuasion Workshops. Brushing up skills for all working executives."
-Pawan Gupta, Asstt.Manager – North Sales, Cambridge University Press India Pvt. Ltd.

"A very informative session with detailed example. It was an interactive session where we got to know about the real life situations and how to deal with them."
-Kanika Vij, Project Manager, Mobel Grace

"It's an excellent workshop to start with the persuasive techniques. will recommend this to others also :)"
-Ashutosh Kukreti, Director/Consultant/Architect, Epitome ITS Pvt Ltd.

"It is excellent workshop, we will try to implement it in our team."
-Manoj Kumar Singh, AGM-Sales, Wearresist Technologies, Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara (Gujarat)

“Mastering Persuasion in Sales & Business” :
 I would recommend this practical workshop for all those people who want to make great sales & connect with people.
 To learn the applications of selling concepts, dealing with people, one can easily learn from the workshop.
-Sumit Ginoriya, Dream Care

"Very good program, lot of learning, had a good time, well organized and comfortable... would like to come again but would prefer to come on spl. programme on Selling Luxury."
-Meenakshi Goyal, Director, Grace Furnishings Pvt Ltd.

"The session was very useful & energetic."
-Nivrita Sharma, Aspiring Minds Assessments Pvt Ltd.

"Training for Sales & Marketing on Persuasion very good for me. It really help me to grow my selling & marketing skills."
-Vishwa Bandhu Awasthi, Phoenix Mecano India Pvt Ltd.

"Workshop has made me understand people's behaviour and how to use streamlined methodology towards customer-client relationship. I have understood the methodology to make sales now and hope I will use these skills to make myself successful."
-Ninad Kedare, Pre-Sales Engineer, Dialogic Networks Pvt Ltd.

"Very good learning experience. seem to be invaluable for our day to day... Sales Campaign where Persuasion skill is very necessary."
-Jyotirmoy Dey, Sales, Cambridge University Press

"I am glad to be here in this workshop, which would be a great experience for me to be there & learn & improve my skills in the world of persuasion."
-Tarun Sharma, Tecpro Systems

"Persuasion Mastery Workshop conducted by Mr. Vibhor was very Excellent. Definitely it will implement in our Sales & Business. We will apply it to improve our personality & improve our Sales & close Sales as early possible & maintain good relation with our customer."
-Rajesh Pote, AGM (Sales), Wearresist Technologies Pvt Ltd, Baroda Gujarat

"Helpful to improve behaving with customers. Got to know How to pitch in front of customers."
-Rajiv Vishwakarma, Key Account - Manager, Altem Technologies (P) Ltd.

"An Excellent eye opener and re-charger for entrepreneurs."
-Martin Zacharia, Director, Epitome IT Solution Pvt Ltd

"Excellent workshop for SME."
-Sunil Bajaj, Prop., SB International

"Mastering in Persuasion is different strategy to empowering the client. It is much better rather than conventional selling. It is just unique process to convince to client. Basically we can call it psycho selling process. Through this process we identified to client & its pulse also."
-Yogendra Kumar, Assistant Manager - Sales, Star Link Communication (P) Ltd.

"Thank you! for brushing up some good concepts & techniques. All The Best and Good luck!!!"
-Devaiah B.N., Manager - Marketing, Anthem Cellutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.

"This workshop added value in my knowledge of Sales. Delivery skill of Mr.Asri was very good. He has taken maximum efforts to make us understand/clear all doubts. Has developed the confidence level by giving inspiring examples like 'Joe Girard'."
-Amol Lad, Asst. Manager - Business Development, Reinforced Earth India Pvt. Ltd.

"Good and Knowledge gaining."
-Amol Mansing Shinde, Sr. Application Engg., G.W.Precision Tools

"Gr8 INFO. I am extremely happy the way it was conducted with reference to the content. The learnings will surely help me in customer interface."
-K.Santhkumar, Country Head, Sulzer Corp

"We really learnt a lot in this workshop."
-P.C.Reddy, Head - Business Development, Balaji Building Technologies (P) Ltd.

"The Best Deal I Got."
-Bhavesh Makwna, MD, Rupal Glass, Mumbai

"Mastering Persuasion in Sales & Business - This workshop is a very usefull to me and I have learnt so many things which I had practically faced and facing day by day. This workshop is a key to succeed. This is very Good."
-Manoj Kumar Gupta, Asst. Manager - Sales, Star Link Communication Pvt Ltd

"Look forward to see you soon VIBHOR."
-Haresh Narayan Nikhare, Regional Head (West), Anthem Cellutions I Pvt Ltd

"The Trainer explained in a simple language and with lot of examples. Didn't waste time. Had good experience."
-Ginny.K.R., Marketing - Co-ordinator, G.W.Precision Tools India P. Ltd.

"I learned a lot, Now, I have to see, I can actually use it or not."
-Danish Goyal, Managing Director, Shri Balaji Polymers Industries, Barnala

"Very much useful. A precise and practical workshop on Persuasion."
-Amit Ginoriya, Owner, Salasar Balaji Handloom

"I have never attend these kinds of training. Excellent."
-Ranjan Dutta, M.G Solutions, Guwahati

"It was an excellent training programme for me & my sales team as a sales motivation & I thank for that of VACT."
-Iliyas Sayyed Patel, Auto India Bajaj, Sangli

"Sir told us so many tips & techniques which is part of Sales process and also useful in daily life to persuade our relationships."
-Vilas Shinde, Bhagwat Force Motor, Sholapur

"The content of the Training Program was excellent. Looking forward for a long term relationship with your organization."
-Venkateshwar Rao, Owner Udaya Motors & Hero Motocorp Dealer , Hospet

"This workshop is good. I will apply all your training in my sales life."
-Arian Enterprises

"Training Programme is excellent. I am sure and assure through this training program. I can reflect in my career & grow my organization."
-Sudarshan Changmai, M.G Solutions, Guwahati

"Dear sir, excellent job, you give the best guidance in my sales career. Thank You."
-Gaurav Joshi, Auto India Bajaj, Kohlapur

"It was a useful program. Few things we know but do not know when, where and how to apply. This program has given us an idea how to apply those sales tricks to get the maximum conversion. Happy Selling."
-S.Shekhar Rao, Asst. Territory Manager, Cambridge University Press

"Found interesting, and Quite practical."
-Pawan Bajaj, Prop, S.B.International

"Though Vibhor is a hard core Sales Guy but I have applied his Persuasion techniques in communicating with my reluctant Patients; and the good news is: its working."
-Dr.Chandrika, Physiotherapist


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Credit Card Processing
Payment Gateway

Become A Master of Closing Sales



Convert Your Prospects into Lifelong Customers using my Copywriting and Persuasion Techniques


Turn Your Business Into Cashflow Machine


Dear Marketer,

Have you ever wondered how a small traditional business can be transformed into a smart online business?

A profitable business that generates continuous cash flow day and night.

An ideal business that anyone can start from anywhere with limited resources, with limited manpower, with limited expenses and with no time restriction.

A smart online business with hundreds and thousands of repeated customers from all over the world buying directly through your website...

...just by reading your website Landing Page and follow-up Emails where each Email is motivating them to go to your website and buy your products and services.

A business which is so easy to run that:

Even a college student can start this as a part-time business from his garage.

Even a housewife can manage this business from her kitchen table.

Even a retired couple can run this business while gardening or watching TV .

Even a physically challenged can operate this business from his desk.

Even a man out of job can make this business happen from any cafeteria.

You might be wondering if this business is so easy, so controlled, so flexible then why is everyone not doing it?

Why still many people go to job or run conventional businesses believing that such perfect business model is nothing but an entrepreneurial myth?

The reason why many people think it is practically not possible is simply because they don't know how to bring sales and customers for their products listed on their website.

And I agree with them.

Even though a small online business is easy to run, easy to manage, easy to control and easy to start from anywhere in the world with limited resources and limited manpower but it’s equally difficult to bring customers to your website and motivate them to buy your products and services immediately in overcrowded marketplace.

Your business cannot be turned into a cash flow machine unless and until you are getting immediate sales from website visitors and repeated sales from existing customers.

This is what Direct Response Copywriting can do for you if you're planning to start or already running an online business.

Direct Response Copywriting can attract your target market to visit your website.

Direct Response Copywriting can spellbound your prospects to read entire webpage.

Direct Response Copywriting can present your sales argument in best possible manner leading your prospects to make decision in your favour against your competitors.

Direct Response Copywriting can induce your prospects to take immediate action in buying or inquiring your products.

And once people start inquiring your products, Direct Response Copywriting in follow up emails can convert leads into sales and prospects into customers.

Is Direct Response Copywriting so much powerful that it can grab attention of online casual visitors and convert them into recurring customers?

Ask successful internet marketers and traditional direct response marketers and they will cite you numerous case studies and examples where Direct Response Copywriting has transformed micro small businesses into continuous cash flow machines.

Direct Response Copywriting is a precious money generating art mastered by some great Direct Response Copywriters of all time.

In my training programs I teach powerful persuasion techniques and hidden psychology behind successful ads, sales letters, landing pages and emails written by greatest copywriters which have generated millions and millions of dollars to business owners and marketers.



Are You Satisfied with Your Conversion Rate of Sales Prospecting to Closing the Deals?


Have you ever measured the effectiveness of your Sales Team?

I mean to say ratio of how many Sales Calls per month to how many Presentations per month to how many Closes per month. It will simply tell you who is your best Salesperson and who is just spending time to get salary, employee benefits and gain experience for filling up his resume.

Now suppose if both are taking equal salary so are you doing justice to Sales Superstars who deserve higher salaries & commisions and better lifestyle?

Now what to do to solve this problem? As done in most of corporates, should we also adopt same policy of hiring expensive quality Salespeople from outside the company OR firing incompetent Salespeople from inside the company? In some companies HR people are occupied in only Hiring & Firing instead of performing other important functions for Organizational development.

So what to do?

If you are also facing such kind of situations frequently, I am having one solution for you if you agree with me. Why not provide a rigorous highly intense powerful training program to your ineffective sales people to convert them into one of the most competitive as well as innovative Salespeople of your company.

So, if you agree with me that yes, Training Program is required for some or whole of your Sales Team then I can be quite useful to you in your challenging initiative. And this is the right opportunity to introduce myself and my LIVE Webinars, Public & In-House Workshops, Direct Response Copywriting & Consultancy services, all based on powerful principles & techniques of Persuasion.

I am Vibhor Asri, a Direct Response Marketer, Copywriter & Persuasion Expert. My job is to create Sales oriented CALL TO ACTION Advertisements, Sales Letters & Landing Pages for bringing immediate Sales & New Customers for Enterprises.

Apart from this I conduct LIVE Webinars and Workshops based on my 10 years research on Top Salespeople, All Time Classic Million Dollars Sales Letters & Direct Response Advertisements responsible for boosting Sales and Customer base all over the world.

The only purpose of these Webinars and Workshops is to make you and your Sales Team highly competent in persuading customers to win Sales.


Thanks & Regards,

Vibhor Asri


In-House Trainings, Public Workshops and Online Personal Coaching

Fundamentals of Persuasion in Sales & Marketing
Become A Master of Closing Sales
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