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Increase Your Conversion Ratio of Website Visits into Subscriptions, Leads and Sales by Creating Persuasive Landing Page, Squeeze Page and Sales Page



What is a Squeeze Page?

Squeeze Page is specifically designed for visitors to submit their email address in order to proceed further into the site. The objective is to grow your email list.

It is designed with the purpose to grab instant attention. Since email address field is sufficient for you to collect for your marketing funnel that's why lead capture form on the squeeze page needs to be short.

The copy of Squeeze Page with a list of all benefits that your service can provide is made so compelling that the prospect is actually willing to give you his email address for the privilege of reading the rest of promotion.


What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page is specifically designed with an intent to gather personal data like name, email address, etc. from visitors. That's why Landing Page is more in-depth than Squeeze Page.

The contact form on Landing Page is carefully designed being a centre of attention. Copy on Landing Page needs to be persuasive enough so that the visitor becomes emotionally invested in the page and clicks the Call To Action button.

If you want to increase sign-ups for free trial or downloads for your ebook or subscribe to your website or newsletter then the quickest and easiest way to do so is creating a strong persuasive Landing Page.


What is a Sales Page?

Sales Page is focused primarily upon selling of a specific product. It's a standalone page particularly designed to sell a product or service.

The objective of a Sales Page is to give the visitor all information they need in order to make a purchase. A Sales Page can be short or long depending on the complexity of the product you want to sell.

A short form Sales Page is used for products/services whose value is relatively easy to communicate to the visitor, and when the product is generally not a large investment. 
Whereas a long form Sales Page is used to promote products/services that require more explanation than a few words of copy for the visitor to understand and act immediately especially for products/services which require large investment.




Why does fierce competition for consumer's dollar where every product is fighting ferocious battle for each buck makes Landing Page of your website so necessary and vitally important?


Landing Pages are one of the key components as part of your overall marketing strategy which you should strive to get right and very effective. This is because the primary purpose of Landing Page is to turn visits into conversion.

The Landing Page is where all of the magic happens after you've spent hundreds and thousands of dollars just to get visitors to your page.

That's why your Landing Page should be so much effective to convince your visitors to do what you want them to do once they hit your Landing Page.

A powerful Landing Page should have strong attention getting headline and compelling persuasive copy full of product benefits to convert casual visitors into qualified prospects or even paid customers.


If you are looking for Landing Page Copywriting Services to persuade your prospects for getting qualified business leads and sales then contact us at below details.



A Landing Page can be Your Most Effective Virtual Salesman


A Landing Page (or Sales Page) is Direct Response Sales Letter specially designed to target a particular market segment based on demographic, psychographic and geographic profile of your customers.

A SINGLE Landing Page has the capability to convert an online casual visitor into a Qualified Prospect or a Paid Customer if its written by a good Direct Response Copywriter.

To write this Landing Page requires considerable amount of research and highly specialized skills in understanding Customer Behaviour, Persuasion, Salesmanship and of course Writing. 


Your Target Prospect can be easily connected to your Landing Page by online campaigns like:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Email Campaigns
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • SEO



Benefits of using Landing Page


  • Because of low costs in preparing these ads, profits can be very high.
  • No need to meet customers in person.
  • No need to open a physical store or hire salesman for low to medium range products.
  • Your target prospect can buy from anywhere in the world.
  • A/B Split testing can be easily done to find out which Landing Page is performing better.


The professionals who write these highly persuasive Landing Page have only one objective in their mind. That is, to increase your Conversion Rate. And these Professionals are known as Direct Response Copywriters.



Get Detailed Critique Report of Your Website Landing Page


If you are not satisfied with your Sales or Leads, if you think you deserve more Subscriptions, if you think you are much better than your competition then show us your website Landing Page and we will analyze and tell you in detail within 7 days why you are not getting enough Sales (or Leads). Critique fees is US$150 per Landing Page.


Key Features

  • Identifying your weak selling points which can be made stronger
  • Identifying selling points which instead of bringing leads, damaging your sales
  • Step-by-Step detailed analysis of your complete sales presentation


Your Website Landing Page can become your major communication weapon in bringing qualified leads, subscriptions and new customers.


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