Sales Letter Critique



Is Your Sales Letter Bringing You Sales OR Damaging Your Sales


Get Detailed Critique Report of Your Sales Letter


A Sales Letter is a bridge between your company and your prospect which leads him to buy your products and services. That's why it's content should be so much persuasive that after going through the message, prospects take immediate action in your favour.

If Sales Letter is not carefully prepared, instead of making the sales, it can break the sales. That's why analysis of Sales Letter is incredibly important to achieve huge success in sales.

This Sales Letter can be your Website Sales Page or  Direct Mail/Email or Slide Presentation or your TV/Radio/Promotional Webinar Sales Pitch selling your products and services directly to your prospects. 

If you are not satisfied with your sales, if you think you deserve more sales, if you think you are much better than your competition then show us your best Sales Letter and we will analyze and tell you in detail within 12 days why you are not getting enough Sales.


Key Features

  • Identifying your weak selling points which can be made stronger
  • Identifying selling points which instead of bringing sales, damaging your sales
  • Step-by-Step detailed analysis of your complete sales presentation
  • Editing your existing sales letter as per Detailed Analysis Report and converting it into new superstar sales-generating Sales Letter (provided as separate service)


A great Sales Letter can become your major communication weapon in bringing new customers and more business from existing customers.




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