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Are You Closing One Sale After Another?
Do not make another sales call until you have attended this webinar. When you attend this webinar series on "Become a Master of Closing Sales" you will be learning so much that it will become natural for you to make some sort of sales call, everywhere you go.
I don't care how successful you are right now or how inexperienced you are, this webinar series will take you to new levels of accomplishment.
If you are in sales profession, there comes a time where the sales need to be closed. Unfortunately, your customers won't always easily make the decision to buy.
At those times you need some insight and some tools to bring value to the sales process so you can make the sale. Every salesperson wants more ideas to assist him when he needs it and this webinar series can help you with that.
Tha fact that you live in a nice house or apartment with all the luxuries you own that you need every day says a lot. Someone sold that stuff to you and it was probably a good salesman or good sales copy in a magazine or online.
If someone is doing better than you, it is because they have learned the key skills before you have.
To truly selling, you need to understand the mental game: of yourself, the buyer, and the prospect.
The Mental Game of Selling
One of the biggest frustrations for an organization is not getting enough sales despite having best products, people and resources in the organization.
Even non-profits need "sales" to be successful.
This is because sales people are not able to close the sales even after they have done all their efforts.
Selling without Closing is like Lathering without Shaving.
Closing is often the most painful part of the sales presentation. It is the part that most sales people dislike the most. The idea of losing the sale can be very stressful.
You start to feel tense, sometimes your heart rate increases, and your throat gets dry. Because you are asking the customer to take action, and he may say no, the whole idea of closing can become a tremendous fear of failure.
Do You Have Fear of Asking A Closing Question? And If So, Why?
The only reason that you may be nervous about Closing today is because you have not yet mastered the process.
Do you know, fully 1/3 rd of salespeople drop out of selling each year because they cannot deal with the rejection that is part and parcel of the business.
Once you become completely unafraid to ask the prospect to make a buying decision, then nobody can stop you from becoming rags to riches, from new salesperson to the top of every organization. It is not about a hard sell, it's about the Close and you will be ahead of the game.
Once you learn how to shorten the Closing process, the less stressful will be your experience. You will start taking the prospect through the Close promptly. When you know how to ask the right questions at the right time, you move through the sales process faster.
What this webinar does is help you understand yourself and why you buy things. And suddenly you'll know how to get what you want.
Are You An Accidental Salesman?
Professional Selling is one of the most lucrative occupations you can do without an educational degree. Anyone can be a high-pressure sales type and force people to buy with gimmicks and tricks... but those people are amateurs.
In this webinar series I will highlight this point again and again that if you are DESPERATE to make a sale, the prospect will sense it and you are very likely to lose that sale.
This is because most people in the world experience what is known as NSR... that is Natural Sales Resistance. That is not to say that people dislike sales but most people dislike and DISTRUST salespeople.
For many years, I too was to be included in this category of sales resistance... until I discovered powerful Persuasion process and effective sales techniques to convert casual people into qualified prospects into paying customers.
I strongly believe this webinar series can make most people a better salesperson, especially the ones, that like me, were not born salesperson. Once you learn these techniques and start applying in your sales career, sales will become fun for you and your sales career will become healthy, smooth & exciting joy ride.
How Successful You Are In Your Professional & Personal Life Depends On Your Ability To Persuade Others
One of the biggest obstacles to great success in selling is your inability to get a prospect to take action. Studies have shown that the main reason for failure of Salespeople is lack of motivation and convincing skills.
If you are in sales or for that matter, have a job, you must be in a position to persuade people and/or get what you want from them.
Salespeople only get paid for results. As they say in hunting, "You can only eat what you kill".
If you are an emerging entrepreneur, then you must be aware that the most important skill for success in entrepreneurship is the ability to sell a product or service.
We live in a world where those who are the most persuasive are the most prosperous.
Let me tell you my friend that there are NO reasons for not getting sales, you just didn't get past the objection. Sorry to burst your bubble, but objections are part of the selling process as all real salespeople know.
The major purpose of this training program is to show you how to deal with these objections so that you can make all sales and money you want. I will help you to listen and ask the right questions so the client reveals his/her business needs.
Everything you need to take your sales to the next level is in this webinar series such as:
  • Overcoming Price Resistance
  • Uncovering Unstated Objections
  • Building Buying Desire
  • Recognizing Buying Signals
Moreover, we are much more likely to buy things Online these days than to be convinced to buy something from a shopkeeper or a door-to-door salesman. I will present you dozens of closes throughout the series, and advice you on how and when to use them most effectively in Online Selling.
So whether you are working in Retail or Direct Selling or Internet Selling, the techniques for framing and closing the sales are all here.
Online Training on "Become A Master of Closing Sales - Part 1"
Online Training on "Become A Master of Closing Sales - Part 2"
Online Training on "Become A Master of Closing Sales - Part 3"
Duration: 2.5 hours each
PLUS 30 minutes Question & Answer Session
What You Will Learn In These Trainings
The most important part of the sales process is the sales person. So here you will learn what top Salespeople do to close sales.
This webinar series can become a good educational guide for the beginner to the pro salesman. It will give you down to earth closing strategies that can be used in your day to day, year to year sales. It will address many of the doubts you have about yourself in Closing.
In this webinar series I will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone while at the same time giving a no nonsense approach to "Closing" the sales dialogue. While listening to my webinars I will challenge your belief on how much you are worth.
No matter if this is your first sales job or if you're a seasoned sales professional, this webinar series will move you to the next level of success but only if you APPLY what you learn. Application is everything but you have to know WHAT TO APPLY and HOW TO APPLY.
No matter whether you sell tangible or intangible product or service this program will help you to understand psychology of selling.
This training program will help you developing your belief in your products and services so strong that it would be impossible for you to understand how anybody could possibly not want what you are selling.
You will learn in this game-changer training program:
  • How to overcome fears in selling.
  • How to know personality traits of your prospects and how to deal with them in selling your products.
  • How to build rapport and credibility with your prospects.
  • How to read buying signals of your prospects.
  • How to deal with objections raised by your prospects.
  • How to sell products to reluctant buyers.
  • How to negotiate win-win deals.
  • How to close sales more effectively at three times your current ratio.
  • What words to use and not to use in sales conversations.
  • Reasons why customers won't buy from you and how to address those reasons.
  • Discovering hot buttons of customers.
  • Powerful Closing techniques in sales.
About Facilitator
I am Vibhor Asri, a Direct Response Marketing Specialist, having 12 years experience in Direct Selling, Consulting, Copywriting and Teaching Applications of Persuasion to Business Professionals for personal and professional development.
Here's What My Participants Have to Say
"Course very informative. Trainer very enthusiastic & want to keenly share his years of learning & experience. Learning was quite interesting."
-Rajesh Ahuja, Managing Director, Sleek International P. Ltd.
"Learned some unconventional methods of Sales. It is really good programme. It will help in closing the sales."
-Ravindra R. Mangaonkar, National Sales Manager, CGPPI Adhesive Products Ltd.
"An Excellent eye opener and re-charger for entrepreneurs."
-Martin Zacharia, Director, Epitome IT Solution Pvt Ltd
"Mr.Vibhor, Thanks for sharing your knowledge & experience with us. The program contents are really valuable. They are well researched and relevant too. It's an opportunity to be a participant of your program. Wish you all the success !!"
-Irfan Ali, Vijaynath Interiors & Exteriors Pvt. Ltd.
"Very good program, lot of learning, had a good time, well organized and comfortable... would like to come again but would prefer to come on spl. programme on Selling Luxury."
-Meenakshi Goyal, Director, Grace Furnishings Pvt Ltd.
"Very good learning experience. seem to be invaluable for our day to day... Sales Campaign where Persuasion skill is very necessary."
-Jyotirmoy Dey, Sales, Cambridge University Press
"The overall program content was very good and something very different from conventional training programs."
-Sanjay Dedhia, Executive Director, Mitsu Chem P. Ltd.
"Gr8 INFO. I am extremely happy the way it was conducted with reference to the content. The learnings will surely help me in customer interface."
-K.Santhkumar, Country Head, Sulzer Corp
"This Training is very useful for me. Its help me to increase sales. I have learnt so many selling techniques. I will apply all the techniques in my daily life. I will attend more trainings in the future. Thanks"
-Sunil Kumar, Phoenix Mecano India Pvt Ltd.
"The Best Deal I Got."
-Bhavesh Makwna, MD, Rupal Glass, Mumbai
I have dedicated my life in researching best of the best Salespeople, Marketers and Copywriters who ever lived on this planet and generated millions of dollars of sales for their companies and for themselves thereby contributing in economic development. I have tremendous respect for these Sales Superstars.
What I have studied and learned, I am presenting it in a condensed usable form for millions of salespeople who sell for a living. This webinar series is literally worth thousands of dollars in sales commissions if only you would stop and apply some of the well proven ideas in this program.
Selling is more than persuading people to make a choice - you need to understand your consumers and want to genuinely help them.
This webinar series will definitely help you to be on top of your game and understand people better and realize the emotional side of the sales process. When these principles are practiced, one makes the transition from a demonstrator to a closer.
But if you are not learning & mastering these techniques then probability of losing to your opponent becomes much much higher who might be already fully equipped with arsenal of powerful persuasion techniques.
So if you are interested in improving your salesmanship... Then Register Now. For In-House Online Trainings contact
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