Are Your Advertisements Effective Enough to Bring You Immediate Sales and New Customers?



Dear Marketer,

In the 1920s legendary copywriter John Caples revolutionized the marketing world when he took an engineer's eye, analytical approach using split-test principles and applied them to the mushy subjective realm of marketing, advertising and copywriting.

According to Caples, the only real metric of an advertisement's "goodness" was its sales results.

He argued that advertising is not exactly a science, because you can never predict public opinion with guaranteed results. BUT you can use a scientific approach to your ads, and by testing, further testing, and then again further testing them with first one headline and then another, first one offer and then another, you can arrive at an ad that is probably going to be super successful.

In my webinar series “Fundamentals of Direct Response Advertising” I will tell you how to do that.

Advertising can never become completely accurate, because of the human element involved - in advertising you are dealing with the minds and the emotions of human beings, and these will always be, to a certain extent, unstable and non-measurable.

That is why it is necessary to test, test, test - to test market, copy, offers, media, position in publications, seasonal variations, and even time of day in broadcast advertising.


What Is The Purpose of Advertising And What Makes Advertising Effective?

An Advertisement is a bridge between your company and your prospect which leads him to buy your products and services.

Advertising is not supposed to be an entertainment! You may be entertained by it, but that's not its purpose. It's not a creativity contest. It's not meant to grace the walls of Louvre in Paris. It's also not poetry, comedy, or a riddle to be figured out.

And to add further Advertising is not about winning awards for being tricky, off-the-wall, or ingenious.

Advertising - plain and simple - is about selling products and services. It's a business communication with the goal to increase sales by interesting people enough in a product or service that they ultimately trade their money for it.

Therefore the only purpose of Advertising is to make sales. It is profitable or unprofitable according to its actual sales. Because Advertising is nothing but an expense (not an investment) unless it gets the kind of ACTION desired by Advertiser.

So the question is:


Are Your Advertisements Effective Enough to Bring You Immediate Sales and New Customers?

Our current generation of marketers have been sadly misdirected in the craft of true response-based marketing. It is amazing to see how many ads are still unaccountable for their results.

Being able to sell something is the life and death of any company. No company can survive without Sales.

And Selling is all about dealing with people. It involves basic human interaction. After all we are selling to people and not to machines. Yet, most professionals in advertising and related fields understand very little about what actually drives people to buy.

There are certain factors, however slight, can mean the difference between a good, effective ad that moves product and a bad ad which proves to be a waste of money or worse.

The most frequent reason for unsuccessful advertising is advertisers who are so full of their own accomplishments that they forget to tell us why we should buy.

Whether your focus is on print ads, radio ads, TV ads or in web promotion, Direct Response Advertising breaks down WHY people respond to certain ads and reject other ads.

Once you understand why people buy, Direct Response Advertising offers ideas and techniques on how you can make those people your customers.

Direct Response Advertising clearly explains exactly how you can tap into the desires that all humans are naturally born with. These aren't theories or assumptions, these techniques are backed up with concrete Psychological studies and practical measured results.

Direct Response Advertising talks about scientific advertising to make sure you are writing ads that sell and not waste money.


All Ads Can Be Tested And Results Can Be Compared

In Direct Response Advertising we accept nothing as true about what works best in advertising until "scientifically" - tested.

We treat every ad as an ongoing test of what has been learned before. When something new works better - or something old stops working - we are ready to admit that we were wrong about what we thought we "knew". But we don't just accept it. We find out why and apply it the next time.

We test everything. We doubt everything. We are interested in theories, but don't spend a large sum of money on a theory without spending a little money to test it first.

So many marketers today have 'forgotten' the fundamental testing techniques which build the Direct Response industry. This webinar series will help you grasp those key concepts.

Covering FACTS rather than opinions about what works in advertising.

Giving the basic knowledge required to write good ads and reminding us that advertising is about bringing more business to our clients and not winning an award for "creativity".

In this webinar series much of the advice are geared towards the Direct Response Industry. Since Direct Response is all about testing, tracking, analyzing.


How to Persuade Customers And Win Sales Through Direct Response Advertising?

One of the big Advertising myths among most of us is that Advertising is used to create Publicity. Its as much false as bringing stars from sky for our girlfriends.

Direct Response Advertising puts Salesmanship into perspective and gives you a clear cut out line for selling absolutely anything efficiently. This marketing model is now must have for anybody selling products from books to softwares to luxury automobiles.

In this webinar series I will tell you how Direct Response Advertising works and why it is considered one of the most effective Advertising methods around the world.


In Direct Response four factors are very important to consider. These are:

1.    Defining Target Market, people who will buy your products & services immediately. This is based on demographic, psychographic & geographic profile of your customers.

2.    Content of Campaigns which will attract your target market and immediately sell products to them and then repeated sales.

3.    Special offers helping to close the sales immediately.

4.    Type of media which can bring best results at lowest costs.

Once you identity all these 4 factors are right for your products & services and then start hitting your market with this perfect combination, it can be a jackpot for you in terms of Sales.


Defining Your Target Market

David Ogilvy "The Father of Advertising" has been quoted as saying "Put people first, the rest will follow".

People and technology are getting better at filtering data. We know our inbox, RSS reader, Twitter stream and search results contain lots of important information, but some things get filtered out. Connecting with your precise target audience will help prevent you from being filtered.

This webinar series will uncover the mystery surrounding consumer behaviour by explaining some fundamental psychological principles. My well-researched pointers will help you create ads that appeal to your target customer's deepest desires and impulses.

This webinar series is perfectly organized, starting with the biggest aspects of understanding consumer psychology and then breaking these ideas down into specific techniques advertisers can use, especially advertising agencies.



What you say in your advertisements. This includes the appeal used and the method of expressing that appeal. It covers:

1) How to capture the prospect's attention: Nothing happens unless something in your mailing or your commercial makes the prospect stop long enough to pay attention to what you say next.

2) How to maintain the prospect's interest: Keep the ad, mailing or commercial focused on the prospect, on what he or she will get out of using your product or service.

3) How to move the prospect to favourable action. Unless enough "prospects" are transformed into "customers", your ad has failed, no matter how creative. That's why you don't stop with A/I/A (Attention/Interest/Action), but continue right on with testing.


Irresistible Offers

The magic ingredient of any successful ad to get people to buy now.



Which magazines, newspapers, broadcasting facilities or other media you select to carry your message to the public.

Even though this webinar is based on Online Direct Response Advertising, almost everything can be equally applied to writing copy for broadcast media such as radio and television.


Are You Looking to Leverage The Power of Direct Response Marketing on Internet?

I don't know if large advertisers will listen to my advice or not but it's true that most small businesses are now advertising online. Many traditional places to advertise are becoming extinct. Gradually everything is shifting online.

This webinar is a challenge to those who think that people have changed due to arrival of the Internet.

The information in this webinar series can be used for websites, emails, blogs, and online sales letters.

How to create websites which will make people reach for their wallets. And how to drive people to your website.

This webinar series is going to help you write Squeeze pages, Facebook ads, Landing Pages, Headlines, Sales copy, etc.

If you're writing short, PPC or banner ads online, where you don't have room to go on at length, this webinar series will help you to a great extent.

At the end of this webinar series you will be able to use online advertising tricks, create headlines, select fonts, write email copy, design print ads, set offers, etc.

Combining offline & online advertising should result in a perfect 1-2 knockout blow to your competition.


Do You Want Your Advertising to Work Incredibly?

This webinar series will give you very practical advice what will work and what not, and how to increase the effect of your ads.

This series is well laid out and provides all the information you will need to get into the minds of your potential buyers.

Teaching you invaluable techniques on how to get the attention of your buyers, captivate them, and make them buy your product.

It provides many specific examples backed by research on how to increase your response.

There are hundreds of simple instructions in this series that will instantly boost sales.

When you have finished this webinar series, you should have completed a winning marketing campaign including a series of captivating, converting and lucrative ads, landing pages, and marketing material.

Overall, it's a very good sales tool for all you entrepreneurs, advertisers and ad agencies out there.

I have drawn a lot of great examples from past masters, and put it into a modern easy to understandable format that is more applicable to today.

It provides a framework for applying these findings. The framework is focused on the customer, and what he or she is thinking. It's a best-practices manual for how to win people's attention and get them to act.

Nowadays you will find many so called Digital Marketing training programs when you search online. But don't get confused by treating this program also as one of those types.

What they don't teach you is the core of what motivates people.

None of the advice out there ever really digs deep into the meat -- what puts people into a buying state. Today in many cases the delivery vehicles have changed from paper to a computer or cell phone screen. The target however, the human mind, remains the same.

Whereas this webinar series offers valid real-world examples of how to use the Internet and Direct Response in tandem with other sales channels to expand your business.

It's a step-by-step guide on how to make your advertising work.

From ways to start and write headlines, to how to organize and word your ad for maximum results, this webinar series is considered to be encyclopedia of proven advertising techniques.

And while this webinar series is a fantastic resource for those of us interested in advertising and persuasion, the techniques discussed in this program can also be applied, albeit loosely, to everyday conversations with people.


Boost Your Sales and Customer Base Nationwide or Even Worldwide Using Direct Response Marketing

Using Direct Response Marketing to drive business is not only smart, it's essential for survival.

This model is applicable to any business from bricks and mortar to online and beyond.

This model will help you add additional ways to reach new prospects and customers to grow your business irrespective of any geographical boundaries.

You can easily relate this model to social media, twitter, blogging, facebook, linkedin, email, and other social networking websites.

And that's why this is the perfect time to turn your business into cashflow machine.

These webinar series are delivered in the form of Online In-House Trainings and Personal Coaching.

For Online Personal Coaching, you can directly register through my website

For In-House Online Training contact


Happy Selling!!

Best Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert


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