Is Selling As Critical As Flying An Airplane?



Dear Marketer,

Many of us wish to fly an airplane but only licensed pilots are able to live the dream. This is because to become a pilot is not an easy job.

A trainee needs to go through extensive training.

A trainee needs to have N number of flying hours.

A trainee needs to clear flying test.

Then only he or she can get a license to fly.

But this generally not happens when someone chooses sales profession. Because unlike becoming pilot or surgeon or lawyer, it’s quite easy to enter in sales profession.

It’s not necessary to pass an exam to become a sales professional.

It’s not necessary to get an academic degree in sales to become a sales professional.

Unless you are selling high tech products, it’s not necessary to learn technicalities of your products and services.

And since selling involves communication from one human to another human so it’s not necessary to learn language of computers, animals, robots or any other kind of machine.

But in spite of these advantages, it’s not easy to excel in sales profession.

How can you expect to be a race car champion just because you can drive a car?

People who understand the importance of selling skills in business, know fairly well how hard it is to market and sell their products and services.

The question is if you cannot allow an untrained pilot to fly your airplane, no matter if your plane is a big jumbo jet or a small glider, then how can you afford an untrained salesperson in your organization to deal with your prospects and repeated customers, no matter if your company is Global 500 or a one person Startup?

If you are having best products, best services and best resources but not competent Salespeople (without whom your products will always be lying in your store waiting and waiting and waiting for people who can buy them and use them and then again buy them and use them and so on…) then do you want to own or run or be part of that organization?

Or if you are an investor, then do you want to invest in that Organization?

Salesmanship is an Art.

An art of dealing with people.

An art of convincing people.

An art of presenting your argument in front of your prospective customers telling why your product or service is best fit for them.

An art of winning people’s hearts and minds.

An art of persuading people to take action.

Sales is probably the oldest profession in world but still many people don’t know how to sell.

From how to build trust and rapport quickly, to creating mesmerizing sales presentations, developing questions to overcome the most obstinate of clients and disarm strong beliefs and opinions.

Down to what to say, where to stand, when to nod, when and how to close the deal.

Many people take this profession for granted and then they struggle to make ends meet.

And what about those professionals who assume that they are not into selling. I mean to say doctors, engineers, teachers, bankers, chefs, actors, entrepreneurs, etc. etc.

Yes, I know that they are not hard-core sales professionals.

But then…

How are they going to bring new clients?

How are they going to get promotions?

How are they going to make new friends and followers?

How are they going to manage their team?

How are they going to ask favours from others?

How are they going to raise funds for charities?

How are they going to pitch for investment in their business?

To cut it short..

How are they going to get things done … everyday … in their personal and professional life?

Whether we accept it or not, but we love to hear “YES” from others to our proposals, requests or instructions.

That’s why Selling skills are not only important but essential and critical for success.

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Happy Selling!!


Best Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert


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