A Single Sales Letter Can Change Your Fortune – Forever



Dear Marketer,

How would you like to have thousands of tireless men or women working around the clock, each and every day?

These tireless people are working as your own sales force and are absolutely capable of calling, presenting and selling maximum number of the most qualified prospects for your product or service.


You can get these thousands of tireless salespeople to work for you

•     without any salary

•     without getting tired (24X7)

•     without falling sick (no sick leaves, huh!) 

•     without any benefits

•     without leaving you to join your competitors, and most important... 

•     without skipping any selling point in sales argument when in front of prospects


These tireless loyal super salespeople are none other than response generating Sales Letters which are the most important component of a Direct Response Marketing Campaign.

The sales letter is the sales presentation that commands attention, generates interest and convinces your prospect to buy, call, write, donate or come in. Its objective is the same as your salesperson’s: to convey best selling points about your product or service leading to Call for Action.

Sales Letters or Website Landing Pages or Emails are the least expensive and most effective way for you to tell your full sales story to your clients and prospects no matter wherever they live in the world.

These are not ordinary letters or introduction emails that you write to your prospective customers.

These Direct Response Sales Letters are specially designed to target a particular market segment based on demographic, psychographic and geographic profile of your customers.

Using Sales letters you can make a more compelling argument than you might normally make on the phone or in person.

A SINGLE successful sales letter can be sent to hundreds, thousands and even millions of prospects for months and years until you squeeze the last drop of sales.

To write these Sales Letters requires considerable amount of research and highly specialized skills in understanding Human Behaviour and applying Salesmanship.

These Professional Sales Letters can be written in various forms:

•     Main Sales Letter – To convert unknown Prospects into Customers.

•     Follow-up Sales Letters – To convert inquiries and qualified leads into Sales.

•     Landing Page or Sales Page – highly used nowadays to convert online casual visitors into subscribers or paid customers.

•     Email Campaigns – One of the cheapest and fastest ways to get orders from around the world.

•     Business Proposals – Highly effective in B2B industries.

•     Trade Letters - For appointing new Dealers & Distributors

•     Recruitment Letters – For positioning company and motivating job seekers to apply for job.

•     Debt Collection Letters – To persuade defaulters to release payments.

•     Fundraising Letters – For charities, welfare organizations, political parties, NGOs, Non Profit Organizations to bring donations.


Benefits of using Direct Response Sales Letters:

•     Because of low costs in preparing these ads, profits can be very high.

•     No need to meet customers in person.

•     No need to open a store or hire salesman or middleman.

•     Same Sales Letter can be sent to target prospect anywhere in the world.

•     No need to hire costly Advertising Agencies to advertise your products & services.

•     Focus is on immediate Sales or Response instead of Brand building.

•     You can sell high cost items as well as low cost items, complex high tech products as well as simple products through these Sales Letters.


The professionals who write these highly persuasive Sales Letters have only one objective in their mind. That is, to increase your Conversion Ratio at lowest cost. And these Professionals are known as Direct Response Copywriters.

There are many successful Sales Letters and long-form Advertisements which have generated millions of dollars of Sales for Advertisers.

In my training program “Analysis of Million Dollars Sales Letters & Ads” I discuss hidden Persuasion techniques and in-depth Psychology used in these Superstar Sales Letters which forced customers to take out hard-earned money to buy advertised products and services.

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Happy Selling!!


Best Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert



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