Are You Doing Enough to Persuade Your Customers?



Dear Marketer,

A really good sales person always knows where his or her next meal is coming from. But he didn't begin as a good salesman. His life changed the moment he started asking questions to himself:

•     Why top 20% of salespeople make 80% of money and bottom 80% only make 20% of money?

•     Why top 20% of the top 20% which equals top 4% earn 80% of money in the top 20% of salespeople?

•     What these top 20% salespeople do different from others that make them so much successful?

•     What techniques they apply and how they apply in getting more and more business?


If your team sell fairly well (but still not good enough), finding answers to above and below questions can help your team turn into Sales Wizard.

•     Who are your ideal prospects?

•     What are demographics and psychographics of your customers?

•     What is the best way to get and hold your prospect's attention?

•     How to show your client that you are not just another salesperson?

•     How to know what your customers want? How to understand the forces behind their buying decisions?

•     How to package sales message to ensure it keeps going, and going, and going?

•     How to convert leads and acquire new customers?

•     How stiff is your competition?

•     How to sell less known products in fierce competition?

•     How to acquire your competitor's loyal customers?

•     How to master closing deals?

•     How to remain self-motivated in bad times?


So let’s find answers to these questions and learn the secrets of top 20% Master Salespeople in my Workshop on “Mastering Persuasion in Sales & Business” which can be organized at your office for your entire Sales Team. This workshop is the result of my personal experiences and in-depth study of some brightest sales & advertising minds this world has ever produced.

In today's tough competitive business scenario if you want to reach at top in a short span of time then simple selling skills are not sufficient. You need to learn and master advanced Persuasion skills to keep you ahead of average salespeople.

In short, you need to become an unconscious competent in Persuasion.


Why Persuasion is So Much Important in Sales?

Let's accept without any guilt that our entire life is spent trying to get others to do what we want them to do – without any friction.

And this is what we call Persuasion which is nothing but finding the motive that will impel your customers to do as you wish, then stirring it to the point where it is stronger than his inertia, or his economical tendencies.

Persuasion is one of the most distinguished arts which is based on scientific principles of human behaviour. No Sales is complete without getting desired response from your customer.

And this is the knowledge of how to apply Persuasion techniques to different people in different circumstances which enables you and your team to get desired response of your customers.


How to Persuade Your Customers & Win Sales using Powerful Persuasion Techniques

In this workshop you will learn:

•     The secrets of top 20% Master Salespeople and what they do different from others every single day.

•     Revolutionary powerful techniques in converting NOs into YESes.

•     How to Acquire New Customers and Boost Your Sales.


The secrets and techniques of Persuasion covered in this workshop are specifically designed to open ears and minds of those people who are not ready to be convinced and have a resistance to sales pitches, requests and presentations.

That's why this workshop is very beneficial for those individuals and organisations that have a strong case to make but are not able to get equivalent returns because of some close minded, skeptical and doubtful people who are not ready to listen and act accordingly.

The program is completely based on ethical approach to preserve the personal relationships necessary for long-term business success.


Using these techniques:

•     Time and efforts are reduced to close the deal.

•     Participants will be able to understand how their prospects and customers take decisions.


Once participants learn these techniques they will start enjoying meeting new people, giving more presentations and closing more deals.


About Facilitator

I am Vibhor Asri, a Direct Response Marketing Specialist, having 12 years experience in Direct Selling, Consulting, Copywriting and Teaching Applications of Persuasion to Business Professionals for personal and professional development.


Consider This Sales Training as Brainstorm Session on How to Apply This Knowledge in Your Existing and New Challenges

Since 90% of all our decisions are made by our subconscious mind whether it's a simple task or crucial project therefore this workshop will teach you:

•     How to gain intelligence of your customers.

•     Which Persuasion techniques to be used and which Persuasion techniques NOT to be used in different circumstances.

•     How to build instant rapport with your customers.

•     How to make your offer more attractive or how you can reduce resistance that you experience with the other person.

•     Which applications of Persuasion are best to use when people don't like you.

•     Which applications of Persuasion are best to use when dealing with people who don't know you.

•     How to command attention, change mind, and persuade people to your way of thinking.

•     How to analyze personality traits of your customer and mould your message accordingly.

•     Altering Belief System through Persuasion.

•     How to use Power words that convince and persuade customers.

•     How to protect yourself against unethical Persuaders and unethical Persuasive messages.


Once you know how to apply these techniques in selling your products & services then you will become unbeatable.

Contact us to organize In-House Workshop at your office to let your team learn and adopt mindset and techniques of highly competent Sales Masters.


3 Major Reasons Why This Workshop Is So Much Important For Your Sales Team

1.    To know what top 20% Master Salespeople do different from average salespeople.

2.    To learn how to create powerful unshakable Belief and how to break Belief of your competitors without their awareness.

3.    To win sales & persuade customers to your way of thinking.


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Note: If you are unable to organize In-House training due to lack of resources or for any other reason then you / your team members can attend my Public Workshops / Live Webinars / Online Personal Coaching to learn Fundamentals of Persuasion in Sales & Marketing.


Happy Selling!!


Thanks & Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert


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