This Story Has A Strong Connection With How To Persuade Your Customers



Dear Marketer,

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was an ego clash between Sun and Wind. Both of them felt superior and more powerful than each other.

And then one day they both decided to demonstrate their power and capabilities by competing in a fair task, accomplishment of which, would automatically decide who is supreme among them.

They saw an old man walking on the road. He was wearing a jacket. They challenged each other that whoever removes the jacket from old man using his powers and abilities would be declared winner.

Both of them were confident that they can easily complete the task as fast as possible.

Wind got the first chance to show his strength. Wind started blowing fast... very fast.

But... faster the wind blew, the more tightly old man started holding jacket by both hands.

This made Wind furious.

He started putting all his force to remove the jacket.


It was of no use.

It was creating OPPOSITE effect on the old man. He was holding his jacket more and more tightly as the wind blew faster and faster.

Finally Wind gave up.

And then it was the turn of Sun to show his powers.

Sun started increasing his temperature.

And old man started feeling hot... so much hot that the first thing he did was to remove his lovely jacket which he was holding tightly to save from wind.

And Sun won easily.

Now you may be thinking how this story is related to persuading customers.

The fact is... This story is all about Persuasion.

This is exactly how Persuasion works.

Persuasion has nothing to do with external pressure, which Wind used to remove jacket from old man.

Persuasion is all about applying internal pressure to get the work done just like in the case of Sun.

The sad part is that 80% mediocre salespeople are doing the same mistake of forcing customers to buy their products and services.

They are applying external pressure to get the sales.

But the more pressure salespeople apply on customers, the more skeptical, more suspicious, more alert customers become ultimately running away from closing deal.

Also today’s customers are much more smart, much more knowledgeable, much more sophisticated than yesteryears.

It is actually internal pressure which brings the sales for you as long as you are using fundamentals and techniques of Persuasion, just like extraordinary salespeople do, no matter whatever you're selling.

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Happy Selling!!


Best Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert


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