Why 1/3rd of Salespeople Drop Out of Selling Each Year?...



…because they cannot deal with the rejection that is part and parcel of the business.


Dear Marketer,

In the Classic book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, the author Napoleon Hill who had interviewed some of the richest and most successful people like Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford (and the list goes on…), described six major fears responsible for rise and fall of every human being.

These six major fears are:

•     Fear of Poverty

•     Fear of Criticism

•     Fear of Ill-Health

•     Fear of Old Age

•     Fear of Death

•     Fear of Loss of Love of Someone


In addition to above six fears I would like to add two more fears which are equally as potent as six basic fears mentioned in the book. These two fears are:

•     Fear of Rejection

•     Fear of Failure


All these fears have helped some industries to grow like Fashion industry, Automobile industry, Health industry where fears are used to bring sales to new products. For example, Fear of Criticism induces people to discard old clothes, old automobiles and replace them with new ones from time to time. Fear of Rejection helps Cosmetic and Beauty industry to sell expensive products to those who want to look attractive and win compliments from others.

Also these fears are equally responsible for letting individuals grow mentally, physically, financially. For example, Fear of Ill-Health and Fear of Death help people to eat and live healthy. Fear of Criticism and Fear of Loss of Love of Someone help people to behave good in society. Fear of Failure helps people to work hard and smart.

But these fears also stop us in taking challenges, taking decisions and taking actions because of which we go on to live a mediocre life.

 For example, in the case of Sales profession, Salespeople quit sales career because of these reasons:

•     Fear to make cold calls

•     Fear to approach strangers

•     Fear to give sales presentations in front of small or large audience

•     Fear to get appointments

•     Fear to meet big shots

•     Fear to ask details from clients

•     Fear to answer objections

•     Fear to negotiate

•     Fear to ask closing questions

•     Fear to close deals as soon as possible

•     Fear to say No to client’s requests which cannot be fulfilled due to lack of resources

•     Fear to meet sales quotas on time

•     Fear to ask for promotion, commission, incentive, bonus

•     And many more...


These fears are natural. We cannot ignore these fears. We cannot hide these fears. Otherwise these fears will kill our professional life. We need to accept these fears like a true warrior.

The question comes how to fight these fears and defeat them forever.

Fortunately to deal with these fears we don’t need to go for any medication. We just need some knowledge. Fears will automatically vanish from our mind.

Let me explain you with one example. One of my own personal experiences in the beginning of my sales career.

I still remember the incident. It was a sales meeting where I had to meet the Director of an engineering college. He was a retired military man.

Somewhere in between that meeting, when he was telling me about his daily hectic schedule, I used one wrong word which made him furious. I said to him “I can understand that you’re a busy chap”. It was due to my college time habits when I frequently used the word “chap” in my conversations with friends.

But he felt offended. He started behaving like someone had announced a war against him. He took it personally and threatened me to leave his office immediately otherwise he would make a complaint to my boss.

I got scared. I was shivering every minute while coming back to my office. I made up my mind that Sales is not for me.

For next 2-3 days I felt very bad. Rather depressed. The whole incident was coming in front of my eyes again and again.

But fortunately, that time I was having a good habit to read motivational and self-improvement books. I started exploring my library. By chance the book I picked to read was having an excellent exercise to deal with depressed state of mind.

The book was “Awaken The Giant Within” written by success coach Anthony Robbins.

When I started performing that exercise for next few days the whole sad episode was transformed into a funny scene. And in this way I was able to save my sales career with a single exercise.

In my training program Become A Master of Closing Sales I teach some good effective techniques to combat our fears and take action.

One of the main reasons why top salespeople are so good in selling is that they know the power of these fears and they learn how to deal with fears for their own profit.

If they can do why not you?

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Happy Selling!!


Best Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert



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