Why top 20% salespeople make 80% of money…



… and bottom 80% only make 20% of money?


Dear Marketer,

There are some questions that have kept me curious right from beginning of my sales career.

•     Why some Salespeople are extremely successful and others are just struggling to meet their ends?

•     What are these super salespeople doing different from other ordinary salespeople?

•     Is it any kind of luck or hardwork or attitude or some specialized knowledge which keeps them much ahead than rest of mediocre salespeople?


During my research I found that there are many factors which are responsible for their tremendous success. But below four traits are quite common among Top 20%:

1.    Top salespeople are always interested in multiplied salesmanship instead of selling one-to-one.

2.    Top salespeople are always interested in working on 100% commission instead of working on fixed salary.

3.    Top salespeople believe in creative selling instead of conventional selling. They are always looking for more efficient ways to build business.

4.    And Top salespeople are continuously working on to improve their effectiveness so that they can earn more and more in less time.



•     Multiplied salesmanship is not possible unless you are good in one-to-one selling.

•     100% commission is not achievable unless you are good in Closing.

•     Creative selling is not feasible unless you are open to new ideas.

•     And continuously improving effectiveness is not promising unless you are targeting a definite aim.


Oh, I forgot to mention one very important factor which immediately differentiate Winners from Losers. In fact I consider this as the most important factor.


Top 20% salespeople are working towards to achieve all WANTS whereas bottom 80% salespeople are working enough to satisfy their NEEDS.


So it all depends on what you WANT, why you WANT, when you WANT and then how to achieve your WANT.

My training programs will be useless for you if you don’t know your definite aim, if you don’t know what you want, if you don’t know why you want, if you don’t know when you want.

That’s why my suggestion is: Think twice before you invest. Every penny counts.

But if you think you deserve better lifestyle, more money, further promotions, superior quality of life for you and your family by selling your products & services then my training programs can be very much helpful to you.

For Online Personal Coaching, you can directly register through my website www.vactinternational.com

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Happy Selling!!


Best Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert



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