Who Says What to Whom - Part 1



Dear Marketer,

The entire Marketing process of all industries can be simplified to few words:

“Who Says What to Whom”

I know its not so easy to translate the complexity of marketing in one sentence but if you give some deep thought you will find these five words are the core of any marketing process.

Let’s elaborate this sentence to justify its value.


Who – Who is all about YOU.

•     your products

•     your services

•     your personality

•     your competitive advantage

•     your strengths

•     your weaknesses

•     your authority

•     your influence

•     your knowledge

•     your credibility

•     your attitude

•     your image

•     your name

•     your logo

•     your slogan

•     your top leadership

•     your staff behaviour

•     your after-sales service

•     your pricing

•     your ease of doing business

•     your system-friendly business

•     your technology-friendly business

•     your popularity

•     your controversies

•     your reputation in industry

•     etc...etc...etc...


The irony is many marketers are not even clear about themselves.

They are confused.

They have never sat down and observed themselves.

Right from the first day they just want to sell without even acknowledging the customer intelligence who is always thinking why he should buy from you and not from other marketer?

The marketers should know that all attributes cannot be in their favour in the game of selling. In some traits they are better and in others their competitors are better. Of course no one is perfect.


The marketers should learn:

•     how to build their USP

•     how to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses

•     how to showcase their advantages

•     how to bring innovations

•     how to focus on originality

•     how to create breakthrough products which can shatter their competitors


In my training program “Fundamentals of Direct Response Advertising”  http://bit.ly/2qiFlJS  I discuss in detail about YOU as a Marketer so that like other successful Marketers, you can also create right product for right people at right time and at right price.

Understanding about yourself and your market is half the battle won.

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Happy Selling!!


Best Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert



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