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If you are not continually learning and upgrading your skills, somewhere, someone else is, and when you meet that person, you will lose. – Reid Buckley


Dear Marketer,

There are four stages of learning and mastering a skill.

1) Unconscious Incompetence

2) Conscious Incompetence

3) Conscious Competence

4) Unconscious Competence


From Unskilled to Skilled to become Master you have to go by all these four stages.

It was and still applicable to everyone in the world. Yes! Everyone in the world.

Whether it's Muhammad Ali or Bruce Lee, Charlie Chaplin or Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods or Sachin Tendulkar, Shakespeare or Stephen King, everyone had followed the same process.

But the question is, if this process is same for everyone then why only few people, like above, become masters in their respective fields?

The answer lies in these two factors: Pain and Pleasure.

Pain and pleasure play important role in learning a skill. Some people are motivated by pain and other are motivated by pleasure to learn and master a skill.

It depends on individual to individual what kicks us most.

For example,

If lifestyle of legends inspires us to become like them then Pleasure is the factor which is motivating us to learn and master a skill just like our ideal no matter if it cost us blood, sweat and tears.

Whereas if we have never thought of learning a new skill but faced some kind of bad situation in life which forced us to learn an important skill in order to avoid that awful situation again then its Pain factor which is motivating us to learn that particular skill.

Let me explain you how these Four Stages of Learning come into play when you have not even desired to learn a particular skill or procrastinated learning to future.

This is a personal experience narrated by my school time friend how a shocking incident forced him to learn driving a car at the time when he had never thought of owning a car.

Long time back when he was 21 years old, one day he was going with his uncle to meet his grandparents who were living in another state.

His uncle was driving the car and he and his cousin were talking about college life.

Suddenly his uncle felt severe pain in chest because of which he started losing control of car but somehow managed to stop the car instantly.

His uncle needed immediate medical attention but they were still 25-30 km away from city.

And worst part was, both my friend and his cousin who was two years younger than my friend, didn't know how to drive the car.

My friend's cousin had regularly watched his father driving the car so he thought he can also drive but the moment he took hold of steering wheel and tried to move car forward immediately he realized that he was not having driving skills.

This is the first stage of Learning known as UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE when you first time realize that you are lacking an important skill.

Somehow they were able to take help of local people and rushed to hospital in another vehicle for immediate treatment.

On that day, both my friend and his cousin realized first time the importance of driving because of intense pain they both had gone through and decided to learn driving from next day.

When they started taking classes they recognized how difficult it was to drive, park, reverse, balance the car.

They were feeling very uncomfortable.

This stage is known as CONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE when you realize how hard it is to learn a skill.

Now they started learning bit by bit with full concentration, focusing all energy and time in learning and mastering each and every detail.

This stage of learning is called CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE because you're alert all the time while performing a task.

And finally after one month they were driving comfortably while listening radio, watching outside scenery and talking to each other about college life.

This is the final stage of Learning known as UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE.

But hey!!

Do you know what happened when after some time they tried to take part in a car race?

Again they realized that they were UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENT.

Even though they have learned to drive the car but they found they stand nowhere in front of other expert drivers in different driving conditions.

The same thing happens in our sales career.

We are living comfortably in our aquarium when one day we lose our job or a big opportunity to a better skilled competitor and then we realize that we are UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENT.

Some salespeople are wise enough like my school friend who immediately take action to start learning and improving and mastering selling skills so that similar situations never happen again.

But many salespeople ignore this pain and continue to live a pathetic and mediocre life.

It is not that these mediocre salespeople don't have sufficient time to learn.

It is not that these mediocre salespeople don't have sufficient money to learn.

It is not that these mediocre salespeople don't have sufficient energy to learn.

And it is even not that these mediocre salespeople don't have sufficient pain to learn.

But it is actually that these mediocre salespeople cannot afford to learn to win and live a respectable life as they are still waiting for the worst to happen.

May God help these poor Salespeople!!

Whereas the Warriors, who want to learn, who want to grow, who want to exceed, who want to win, and who want to become masters of persuasion, are the people I’m most interested to teach and pass on my knowledge and skills.

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Happy Selling!!


Best Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert


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