Are You Satisfied with Your Conversion Rate of Sales Prospecting to Closing the Deals?



Conversion Rate is the Heart Beat of Your Sales Life


Dear Marketer,

Have you ever measured the effectiveness of your Sales Team?

I mean to say ratio of how many Sales Calls per month to how many Presentations per month to how many Closes per month. It will simply tell you who is your best Salesperson and who is just spending time to get salary, employee benefits and gain experience for filling up his resume.

Now suppose if both are taking equal salary, so, are you doing justice to Sales Superstars who deserve higher salaries and commissions and better lifestyle?

Now what to do to solve this problem?

As done in most of corporates, should we also adopt same policy of hiring expensive quality Salespeople from outside the company OR firing incompetent Salespeople from inside the company?

In some companies HR people are occupied in only Hiring & Firing rather than performing other important functions for organizational development.

So what to do?

If you are also facing such kind of situations... frequently... I am having one solution for you - if you agree with me.

Why not provide a rigorous, highly intense, powerful training program to your ineffective sales people to convert them into one of the most competitive as well as innovative Salespeople of your company.

So, if you agree with me that yes, Training Program is required - for some or whole of your Sales Team - then I can be quite useful to you in your this challenging initiative.

Why I can be useful to you is because my Online Trainings, Live Webinars, Public & In-House Workshops, Personal Coaching... all based on powerful principles & techniques of Persuasion... are created with the purpose to make you and your Sales Team highly competent in persuading customers to win Sales.

For Online Personal Coaching, you can directly register through my website

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Happy Selling!!


Best Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert


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