Why are sometimes Green Salespeople better than Yellow Salespeople?



Dear Marketer,

Let me tell you a real story. The story of Joe Girard. The legendary Joe Girard. The greatest salesman in the world. The man who sold 13001 cars and trucks in 15 consecutive years.

In 1963, Joe Girard joined Chevrolet dealership as a Salesman. Before joining this car dealership he had never sold any automobile in his entire life. He was a Green Salesman.

He knew nothing about cars and trucks. He joined the dealership because he had no other option when he left home to find any job so that he could buy food for his family.

It was Do-or-Die situation for Joe Girard. He had already witnessed flop businesses. At the age of 35 he was penniless. His family was starving. He had no idea what to do. The moment he came to know from his wife that no food left in home and his children were crying out of hunger he immediately left home to find out work, any kind of work.

When he received commission on selling first car, his eyes were sparkled to see $10. That $10 were most precious thing for him that day because that money brought him groceries for his family.

From that day he always remembered one simple arithmetic equation:

“Selling cars will bring him money and that money will bring food for his family.”

He became an aggressive salesman. He wanted to sell as many cars as possible. He had tasted the success. He declared to himself that he would become No.1 Salesman in town. He was exploring new strategies how he could sell more cars everyday.

But at the same time he started facing opposition from his senior colleagues.

These Yellow Salespeople were telling him why he could not sell more cars than other colleagues, other dealerships and other brands. They were having long experience in automobile selling and they knew far better than him how automobile market worked. He was advised to not try to change the trend.

So Joe Girard was facing competition not only from other brands, not only from other dealerships of Chevrolet, but even from his own dealership staff.

The Yellow Salespeople did their best to restrict such enthusiastic Green Salesman. His only fault was that he was ambitious, he wanted to sell more cars so that he could earn more money because he had seen the extreme pain of living without money.

But that restriction could not stop Joe Girard. In fact he became more enthusiastic and started exploring out-of-box thinking. He became so creative in prospecting that every prospect wanted to deal with only and only Joe Girard.

And rest is history.

This story has an important lesson for us to remember.

Yes, Yellow Salespeople (or Yellow Non-Salespeople) are the founding pillars of any organization but they should not ignore or discourage Green Salespeople from applying new ideas no matter if they sound bit immature or illogical.

The enthusiasm of Green Salespeople can change the shape of your business.

It was Joe Girard’s enthusiasm and his creative approach towards Selling that made him and his dealership super successful.

In my training program Fundamentals of Persuasion in Sales & Marketing I share many such creative techniques in Selling which will immediately double your sales.

What is required from you is your enthusiasm, your open-mindedness, your Green Salesman approach.

You have to think and act like you are going to be next Joe Girard.

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Happy Selling!!


Best Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert



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