Who Says What to Whom - Part 2



Dear Marketer,

One of the common questions asked to me in my trainings is – “What is most important in Marketing process?” – And my typical answer is  –  “Understanding Your Market.”

Today, I will talk about WHOM – Your Market.

Do you know, what is the suicidal mistake committed by new entrepreneurs?

It is launching products in market without knowing the pulse of market. They presume that their products or services will bring some kind of revolution in world but they depreciate the needs and wants of customers. They overlook, intentionally or unintentionally, the pains, fears, desires, problems of customers.

Just like a failed movie director who makes movie without exploring the taste of his audience.

Just like a failed criminal lawyer who defends his client without considering the seriousness of offence.

Just like a failed physician who cures his patient without analyzing symptoms and lab test reports.

The entrepreneurs forget the basic fact that it is the people who will decide the success or failure of their creations, it is the people who will buy or reject their inventions, it is the people who will spend or keep away hard-earned money on their latest gadgets.

Yes, there are some products and services which are always in high demand but then in such cases if you have not positioned your competitive advantage in your customer’s mind then you will keep struggling to maintain or advance your position in front of your competitors. And it should not be surprising for you if you find dozens of competitors in such industries.

To becoming a Market Leader requires understanding the sense of your market. It requires moving out of your comfort zone and start spending time with your market.

I mean to say, you need to observe your market, listen your market, feel your market, identify your market, segregate your market, target your market, and always keep focus on your market.

And if you are too busy in developing your products, setting up your business, then it would be far better to assign this job to a third party who will study your market on behalf of you.

This is what I do as a Sales Copywriter.

When you hire me as your principal Copywriter to write your Ads, Sales letters, Landing Pages, Emails, Newsletters, my first task is always to identify precisely your target market, study deeply your target market, understand profoundly motivations of your target market, the people who will immediately and regularly buy your products and services once they read my Sales Pitch written for your goods.

And this is what I teach in my training program Fundamentals of Direct Response Advertising


Here you will learn:

How to know what your customers want and then how to sell what your customers want, in hundreds, thousands or even millions - immediately and repeatedly - locally, nationally or globally.


For Online Personal Coaching, you can directly register through my website www.vactinternational.com

For In-House Training contact info@vactinternational.com


Happy Selling!!


Best Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert



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