The Seductive Power of Email Marketing



Dear Marketer,

My services can be broadly divided into 3 categories:

1)    Coaching

2)    Sales Letter / Ad / Email Critique

3)    Writing Landing Page, Sales Page and Emails


I love all these activities.

Teaching is the process of imparting my knowledge to serious learners and brainstorming new ideas. It gives me utmost satisfaction.

Copy Critique is the process of finding out bugs in Sales Letter. It keeps me cautious while analyzing psychology behind each word.

Writing Ad copy is absolutely fun for me. I enjoy writing Sales Page, Landing Page especially Emails. It is because writing sequence of Emails is very creative and very challenging and very rewarding. Writing an Email makes me feel like a Musician who loves to compose new music. It keeps my creative juices flowing.

Some people get confused between Landing Page and Sales Page. So let me clear the difference on the basis of their respective purpose.

The purpose of Sales Page (Online Sales Letter) is to bring immediate Sales for low-ticket items generally ranging from $10 to $1000. Here the commitment level of prospect is maximum because prospect is spending money once he has read your Sales Pitch. Therefore Sales Argument should be very effective as there is no surety whether prospect will return to your website or not if he is yet to purchase your product.

Whereas the purpose of Landing Page is to bring immediate Inquiries for high-ticket items or customized services. It is also used to bring subscribers, to download E-book, App, or even to capture maximum information of your target prospect. Here commitment level of prospect is medium because prospect’s money is still in his pocket. The objective should be to bring only qualified leads if you have limited resources and manpower for converting Leads into Sales.

Since I am talking about Website Copy so I would like to highlight a very major difference between Copy writing and Content writing. Because I have seen many people get confused between these two terms and consider them the same skill.

Copywriting is selling through words. Generally referred as Salesmanship-in-Print.

Whereas Content writing is providing valuable information. No motivation for prospects to respond. No commitment from prospects to buy. No salesmanship.

Since the subject of this email is Email Marketing, so now I’ll talk about only Email Marketing.

Email has many uses like:

1)    Just like Landing Page and Sales Page, Email is also used to bring immediate response.

2)    Since Email is sent only to target market therefore chances of getting responses are much higher as compared to any other kind of media.

3)    It is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to advertise your products and services. Can be delivered within seconds in any part of the world.

4)    Consistent and strategically designed Email Marketing helps in building your brand among your target market.

5)    Email campaign kills your competition and position your products and services in your prospect’s mind.

6)    And most important it helps in building a long-term very personal relationship with your customer.

7)    It also helps in introducing and selling many other products and services to your satisfied customers.

8)    You can send same email to new prospects and even to old prospects after some time gap. So instead of depending on average salespeople, you can always capitalize on your most effective emails.


But one major problem with Email Marketing is that people receive many emails every day. So your Email should be quite effective to hit the emotional triggers of your prospects. The more effective your Emails, the lesser effort needed by your Sales team to close the deal.

And second problem is every time you send an email, you need to create some different theme to get attention of your busy prospect and keep maintaining his interest while reading your email till the end.

In my training program “Analysis of Million Dollars Sales Letters & Ads”, while analyzing some of the greatest sales letters and ads of all time, I teach many persuasion techniques used by Copywriters in these Classic Ads.

The good news is same techniques can be applied in writing Email copy to your target prospects.

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Best Regards,

Vibhor Asri

Direct Response Marketing Specialist & Persuasion Expert

P.S. If you are interested in my services but still not able to make decision then let's have 90 minutes knowledge session on Skype with you and your team. Ask questions and get immediate answers. And then, if you are impressed with my knowledge on Salesmanship and satisfied with my answers to your queries, hire me as your Sales Copywriter or Sales Trainer for your team or your Personal Coach without any delay. To avail this offer send me email TODAY before your competitors come to know about it.


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