Vibhor Asri Corporate Trainers was founded as a professional resource to improve personal, professional & organizational performance by deploying ethical persuasion strategies. Offering keynote presentations, in-house training programs, public workshops and direct marketing creative services; VACT serves an international audience that includes entrepreneurs, business owners, sales & marketing professionals.

Our strategies and programs are the result of many years of study in to the reasons why people agree and take action with request in business settings. These programs are now becoming de-facto standards to learn  applications of persuasion in all forms of selling and direct marketing.

In last four years, Vibhor has identified, tested and deployed hundreds of Persuasion techniques in Sales and Marketing. He has developed his own process of Persuasion which he believes is a revolutionary methodology along with real-world applications which can be immediately utilized in your daily work for measurable results.

Vibhor has developed these powerful techniques on the basis of his research and experience which has earned him the reputation of expert in the field of Persuasion. For last 4 years he is conducting Sales Trainings, Persuasion Mastery & Direct Marketing Workshops for Corporates and Professionals and helping companies in transforming or integrating their conventional marketing system with Direct Marketing Strategies. 

These studies are highly instructive to those who want to be more persuasive in selling products & services. Lots of compelling stories with scientifically proven tools and strategies make these programs memorable and immediately applicable. Using these scientifically proven techniques and applications ethically and correctly can produce highly effective results in gaining compliance from others.

These Programs will help you in answering questions and doubts developed in mind  at the time of uncertainty in Business:

  • What mental shortcuts and triggers to be used to persuade people in different situations?
  • What can we do to reduce the time required to develop and deepen relationships with our prospects, co-workers, friends, strangers?
  • How can we effectively establish our authority and trustworthiness with those we meet for the first time?
  • What words can be used in presentations, meetings, advertisements, selling pitch to increase dramatically the likelihood that we will receive response in return?
  • What are the most effective techniques of persuasion which are hidden from general public?
  • How can you change your rivals to make them want to work together?
  • What can make strangers bond together to accomplish meaningful goals?
  • How can you make a negotiation more satisfying and fruitful resulting into win-win situation?

The applications of Persuasion discussed in Persuasion Mastery Workshops are becoming more and more vital than ever to our success as the world is becoming more and more complex and uncertain. Now the leaders are employing these techniques and applications to bring about positive and lasting change among individuals located both inside and outside their organizations. 


Who is Vibhor Asri ?




Vibhor Asri is Direct Marketing Strategist and Asia's leading Persuasion Expert. He is known for his popular Persuasion Mastery and Direct Marketing Workshops conducted all over India in which he teaches applications and techniques of Persuasion in Personal & Professional Development. He is the founder of Vibhor Asri Corporate Trainers Pvt. Ltd. generally known as VACT among Corporates.

Vibhor conducts Public Workshops periodically to teach ethical applications of Persuasion in Sales & Marketing. He specializes in precise execution of proven Persuasion techniques in Sales, Marketing and Direct Response Advertisements to motivate prospects in generating  different types of Responses such as:

  • Sending enquiry about products & services
  • Calling the Seller for Order or more information
  • Get out their credit cards and buy or writing the cheque for payment
  • enthusiastically providing email address and other valuable information
  • Saying Yes to you and No to others


Vibhor spends much of his time in Direct Marketing Consultancy, Copywriting  and Training others on business applications of Persuasion. He is also a licensed NLP Practitioner from London and learned Neuro Linguistic Programming directly from the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler. 

Vibhor is a superb speaker and trainer on the topic of Persuasion. This is so not simply because he understands the topic so well, but also because of his ability to convey that understanding to others in ways that render the material immediately usable.

His presentation style is extremely interactive and as a result audience began to think Persuasion and apply the concepts to their business. He is exceptionally good in tailoring his presentations for extremely diverse audience.

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